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" Schwarzer Löwe im goldenen Feld "
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Herzlich Willkommen - Welcome - Bienvenido !  

In Dedication to the Searching

A lonely cry has touched my soul
Oh how I feel it burning !
Is searching for a truthful goal
Behold ! Your fate will soon be turning !

Be strong ! Don't fail and carry on !
Although your yoke is aching
Yours sorrows have been looked upon
Oh see the new dawn breaking !

My dearest Friend, lengthen your stride
And flee the dark surroundings
Rejoice with us in sweet delight
To harps and trumpets,glorious soundings

Your painful journey ceases now
It led your to a sacred mansion
The knees in humble prayer bow
Oh flash of truth, in sudden apprehension !

The door you reached, which has been locked
It soon shall swing wide open
For it was You , that fina'lly knocked
The seal at last be broken ...

I beg of you, don't let it part
The Spirit's mighty ponder
Not always shall it fill your heart
You must preserve and earn this wonder !

Your chance has come , be not afraid
The Lord will lead you safely
Into a kingdom free of hate
Prepare to enter bravely ...

In humble prayer seek to know
Of what is truly spoken
And ponder over evry row
Acknowledge thus heart - broken

Seek and ye shall find ....

Knock and it shall be opened unto you ...

Hans-Guenter Pahl - Nov 1975

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