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I knew you since my early years
And felt a strange affection
My little eyes were filled with tears
My soul would burn in anger and objection

Oh how I felt the dreadful pain
I felt so powerless and broken
Like sheep and catle were they slain
The Jewish Nation's precious token

No mercy for a mother's begging, crying
No mercy for a child's silent plea
Oh Lord, their fate was torturous dying
Their fearful eyes they seemed to look at me

Their helpless glances witness bore
And born was my conviction
To search for peace and not for war
For love and not affliction

I set ashore my eager feet
With Judah was I bound to dwell
Inside of me would grow the seed
The truth I sought, was quenched at David's well

My destiny for long was sealed
Not always was it clear envisioned
To labor in this fruitful field
Was I at last commissioned

The circle wil be closing soon
Rejoice, oh my beloved nation
The air is filled with an etrnal tune
Oh hearken ye, in marv'lous expectation

A stranger in your midst I'd come
For this has been my great desire
With you I'm one, my peopl'e son
For you my heart caught fire....

Hans-Guenter Gil Pahl - Feb. 1977


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