HGP and Poet Miriam Martha Hammel - A very dear Friend

We had known Miriam and her Husband Yaacov for many years
We were like family rather, including her children. Our visits to Kiriat Motzkin were always special and precious. Enchanted moments meant to last ...

Appart from the published books I have 4 thick type-written folders with her poems and short stories
I intend to publish them all on the internet in the near future as a tribute to a very special lady, whose loving memory we preserve in our hearts along with that of Yaacov and Lotte

  • FREE WILL and other short stories by Miriam Hammel

  • A LETTER TO THE ALMIGHTY - Short Stories from Israel by Miriam Hammel

  • NICE PEOPLE AND OTHERS - Poems by Miriam Hammel

  • LOVERS - Poems by Miriam Hammel


    No bells are ringing

    Six million times,

    There are no chimes

    Tolling the death-toll

    Of slaughtered

    Children and men,

    There is no outcry

    Up there In heaven

    Or down here on earth

    Which covers it all

    With a carpet of flowers

    'and here,' they say,

    'here they lie,

    and feed proud trees

    that give much shade

    and air and life

    to their murderers.'

    Spring has come

    And a baby's heart

    Forever and ever

    In its mother's womb

    Looks up to the sky

    Through the dark hearts

    Of red anemones,

    Up at the blue sky

    With innocent clouds

    Like the unborn babe

    Seeking some answer,

    Might it be

    That hell has

    No home but earth,

    That life has no meaning,

    Or that a Jewish hand

    Must feed many a tree,

    And red anemones

    Need the heart

    Of a baby never born,

    And up there

    Is a voice saying

    'so be it.'

    Miriam Martha Hammel - Israel
    In Loving Memory


  • Please also visit Miriam's Web-Site 1999-2000

    Keren Hammel - Her granddaughter :
    Miriam (Martha) Hammel, my late grandmother, was a writer and a poet long before I was born. I owe her a great debt of gratitude for the many things she gave me over the years, and particularly for the time she spent with me on my English and my writing, encouraging me every step of the way and endowing me with passion for this art.

    When she passed away, I helped prepare a collection of the poems she published with Voices Israel.
    The anthology is available on my site for your reading pleasure.

    HGP and Poet Miriam Martha Hammel - A very dear Friend in Memoriam