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Madame, je suis votre ami,
Qui cherche la famme de sa vie.
Je vais dessiner votre portrait,
Permettez, s'il vous plait, d'entrer.
Madame, vous etes mon amour.
Je pense vous tous les jours,
Je pense vous toutes les nuits,
Dites-moi, s'il vous plait:"Oui!"


It is nice to visit friends,
Understand, they are glad to see you.
You don't have to shake their hands
Or to kiss them... There is nothing new
Under moon. But the candle is flashing
And the dark is running away.
Don't move and feel understanding.
Be in silence. Your eyes will say.

Mikhail Soldatov

of Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El, Russia

10 years anniversary of the Club. 17,March, 2001